GCU Partners

Spread The Word & Share The Wealth

All With The Confidence of Guaranteed Profits For Your Referrals

Automata FX couldn’t be happier to announce that we have secured 24 billion GCU tokens from our Technology Partner Global Profit Technologies, Inc. We will sell just 3 billion tokens and retain the rest to guarantee returns to our GCU Trading Account holders. Buyers may purchase the tokens to trade on other exchanges or may use the tokens to fund GCU Denominated Accounts at Automata FX. We need your help in spreading the word and are prepared to offer impressive commissions to help us sell the tokens!

Our GCU Partners Program is designed to give our partners the confidence to share this program, knowing that our program WILL generate a significant return to the client. This not only starts with a proven track record of trading results but a fully backed program.

Partners Receive Up To:


Bonus (In GCU) Paid On 1st Two Referrals, And…


USD Cash Bonus Paid From 3rd Referral On!

Here’s How It’s Possible:

Automata FX has simply secured 24 billion GCU tokens to satisfy both the maximum 100% GCU commissions on referrals as well as the 300% GCU Profit Guarantee.

Top-Level Cash Commissions Potential:


*With Just 95 VIP Referrals.

We All Win Together!

Here’s How It Works


Select A GCU Denominated Account To Open

As soon as you open a GCU Denominated Account (link below), we’ll automatically open a PR (Partner Rewards) Cash Account for you as well. This is where your cash commissions will be paid. You will choose if, or when to fund your GCU denominated account. Hint: The rewards percentages grow substantially as you add more funds to your account.

GCU Executive Account (GE)


GCU Commissions on First 2 Referrals

Paid into Your GCU Account


USD Cash Commissions

Paid into Partner Rewards Cash Account

Minimum Contract Term: One (1) Year

Minimum Deposit: 50,000 GCU

(USD Equivalent: $2,500)

GCU Advanced Account (GA)


GCU Commissions on First 2 Referrals

Paid into Your GCU Account


USD Cash Commissions

Paid into Partner Rewards Cash Account

Minimum Contract Term: One (1) Year

Minimum Deposit: 250,000 GCU

(USD Equivalent: $10,000)

GCU VIP Account (GV)


GCU Commissions on First 2 Referrals

Paid into Your GCU Account


USD Cash Commissions

Paid into Partner Rewards Cash Account

Minimum Contract Term: One (1) Year

Minimum Deposit: 1,000,000 GCU

(USD Equivalent: $30,000)

300% GCU Profit Guarantee:

End of Year 1: Guaranteed 50% Profit

End of Year 2: Guaranteed 100% Profit

End of Year 3: Guaranteed 150% Profit

End of Year 4: Guaranteed 200% Profit

End of Year 5: Guaranteed 300% Profit


Fund Your Account

It’s best to fund the largest account that you can so you can reap the largest rewards, but, there’s no need to fund right away if you can’t afford to do so. You can still receive commissions of 20% even if you don’t fund your account and it’s entirely possible to use commissions to fund your account, if you choose. Once commissions begin to fill your rewards account, you can transfer them into the GCU Denominated Account if you wish to have the funds traded, or if you want to upgrade your account. You can always add funds to your account to upgrade to higher profit targets and to qualify for higher commissions.


Spread The Word

Tell the world! You have the confidence of great historical returns and a guaranteed profit for your referrals. Once you’ve set up an account and have received a PPR account, simply send your link to everyone you know. Our system will log them and pay you commissions when they fund their accounts. It’s just that easy.

Extraordinary Opportunity To Grow Your Assets

GCU Executive Account:

Account Starting Balance:

50,000 GCU

USD Equivalent:


GCU Advanced Account:

Account Starting Balance:

250,000 GCU

USD Equivalent:


GCU VIP Account:

Account Starting Balance:

1,000,000 GCU

USD Equivalent:


How Does Our GCU Commission Structure Work?

Automata uses a two-tiered compensation structure. In our program, your first two referrals generate as much as 100% GCU match commissions. That means that if your first two referrals buy say 100,000 GCUs each, you would also get 100,000 GCUs for each sale. All other personal referrals are considered to be “Direct” referrals and generate cash (USD based) commissions for the partner. Additionally, all GCU Compensated Referrals brought in by your Direct Referrals and their Direct Referrals generate USD based cash commissions for you. See the depiction below.

Other Terms and Conditions:

GCU withdrawals are restricted for a period of one (1) year.

High Risk Investment Warning: Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss in excess of your deposited funds and therefore, you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. Before deciding to trade the products offered by Automata FX Ltd. you should carefully consider your objectives, financial situation, needs and level of experience. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading on margin. Automata FX Ltd. provides general advice that does not take into account your objectives, financial situation, or needs.The content of this Website must not be construed as personal advice. Automata FX Ltd. recommends you seek advice from a separate financial advisor if you have any doubts.