Our Traders Enjoy A Massive Technological Advantage.

Automata FX provides the most advanced automated trading platform ever offered to the individual retail trader. Our platform (powered by The 4X-DAT™ software) can simultaneously trade an unlimited number of currency pairs, manage and monitor an unlimited numbers of trades in an unlimited number of independent trading strategies, which can be pre-set within the software. It provides money management on all trades by closing them at a pre-determined profit, as well as open and close trades in both directions with an unprecedented degree of accuracy. It does this AUTOMATICALLY, non-stop, 24 hours a day, days, weeks, even months on end – all without the need for human input, after the initial trading set-up.

We have completely eliminated the need to learn how to code trading algorithms. An Automata FX client may simply select options that suit his or her requirements and the platform constructs the strategy.

What Makes Our Platform Different?

Simplicity or Complexity – It’s Your Choice

We are pleased to offer a platform which empowers any trader, from beginner to advanced, to automate the various trading strategies incorporated into the software. An Automata FX trader can either tailor his or her own automated strategy to his or her individual trading style, risk tolerance, etc. or simply download one of our strategies for their own use. Click here to see the results our pre-built strategies are experiencing.

The Days of Staring at Charts Are Over

Instead of having to stare at charts, trying to predict or guess what the market will do next, our platform is designed to allow algorithms to automatically follow the TREND of the market and trigger your trade orders when your preferred signals align. You can finally pull yourself away from your computer screens and get busy living!

Trading Decisions Are Made in Advance

Our platform incorporates a proprietary module called the “HARVESTER,” which utilizes a combination of unique mathematical sequences, algorithms and a proprietary set of trend determining indicators to follow the exact direction of the market, in order to execute each trade accordingly.

Trades Sequences Are Closed When Your Profit Requirements Are Met

The platform utilizes a proprietary, advanced trade management feature called “Close All Deals,” which allows each trader to consistently reach their pre-designated profit targets, combining profits from both open and closed trades.

Ready to Get Started? Here Are Your Options.

Want to kick the tires before you get started? Click here for evaluation access to our Platform and to review our pre-built strategies trading live in real time.

Ready to start trading right away? Click the link below to complete a quick application and we’ll have you trading like the pros in no time!

Experience Extraordinary Automated Trading Technology

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